Saturday, May 29, 2010


First of all I would like to state that these pictures are amazingly gorgeous!! I love them heaaaapppss!!

Secondly... I WANT COLOURED HAIR!! =_= ehhe Look at the coloured hair on the models. Aren't they just amazing and fun and vibrant and awesome? HAHAH :P I love coloured hair! (Ps, i had to dye my hair to black again today cause the fringe part of my hair was really lightening and students and teachers in school were noticing PFFFT!! I rather not get in trouble or have someone younger than me OR some teacher telling me to dye my hair back to black. I AM NOT A KID =_=) HAHAHAH
Must be the ego talking/blogging :P XD

Moving along....


I want the green!! OMG?! 

I don't think i would have to guts to have hair like this BUT i love the colours in them!(Might be a wig?? :S BUT still amazing!) I salute anyone who would walk on the street with hair colour like this! :D
Lydia Hearst looks porcelain doll like too! <3

I love this picture the most out of all the other photos! ehhe Love the frosty mirror effect. Artsy
This shoot is amazing in every way(even if the model's hair is not coloured XD)

These pictures : Lydia Hearst by Elias Wessel

I would LOVE to have hair like this!(The colour i mean XD) Now, this! I wouldn't mind doing at all (Y) ehhehe

I actually love this photoshoot a lot. Gorgeous! I love how fun the shoot looks and how much colour is in it! :D Love the outfits style too.

These pictures : Alana Zimmer by Max Abadian

Pictures of Lydia Hearst & Alana Zimmer via linked XD

Ps, NO COLOURED HAIR FOR ME boooooooooo!! :'( XDXD

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Friday, May 28, 2010

yay say hello to polyvore XD

I sorta forgot about my polyvore account and now that i've found it back... I thought i shared with you the mix match items i made back in mid 2009 XD.

This was my very ever polyvore XDXD

I was into the nu-rave fashion and i love those bangles!!(I still do, i have black ones that have been with me since i was 14? AHAHH) :D

Polyvore actually does take up a lot of my time but i still don't know why i stopped using it for the fun of it :( But it is awesome, i have plans to go back using it just for the fun of it! EHHE I love putting items together(even tho I KNOW, I am not good at it) XD

Hope you liked what i did back in mid 2009(YES! That's how long i haven't been using polyvore XD) HAHH

Ps, school has been exhausting and hectic so hence the very lack of posts :/ arh well :D

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Till next time xxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tell me you love them too! eehee

Found these gorgeous images on
They are taken by Nirrimi Hakanson from Melbourne.
In her words..." i'm a seventeen year old who is loud through images, who wants to be a part of the future of photographic and youth culture. i am daughter to an aboriginal artist and a swedish-australian hippie and am originally from townsville, north queensland- where it is always summer. 
i started taking pictures of my sister at age thirteen and never stopped.

i like pretty young things that i pull from the streets and film (i call what i shoot digital film, because it still has the colour). the sun is my lighting, the clouds my diffusers and i find studio images bland. if you want to be original you have to shoot outside the (literal) box. i want be a traveller and live, photographing realness.

last year i became agency signed, shot a commissioned editorial for my favourite magazine and came first in the photography division of qantas spirit of youth and youth week awards. this year sees me shooting in new york and releasing a book. and next i want to write and create films. live dreams + be real!"

She is TALENTED!! I love her potrait shoots

Pictures via

Till next time xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Loving Alberta Ferretti S/S RTW 2010

I am loving Alberta Ferretti Spring-Summer 2010 RTW collection.
Her RTW collection are made up of gorgeous dresses that potrayed demure, sophisticated, classic and full of elegance look which i ADORE so so so much!
I love everything from her S/S RTW 2010 collection :D

I love how this dress looks simple yet amazing and the blue belt brings out the dress even more

This white dress is lovely.

I love this nude piece so much!

I love dresses like this(but i need to find ones that are shorter in length :P XD)

and i love the shoes on everyone one of them! Notice how they go with all of her designs? ehhehe <3
Hope you liked it!

Pictures via Vogue

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Friday, May 21, 2010

When Sarah found 2 lovely ladies!

I woke up really anxious and nervous yesterday!(Thursday 20 of May 2010) WHY?!?
cause i would be meeting SOMEONE in the evening. In class i was counting for time too =_= KEPT counting and waiting for time to pass XD

I met Miss Clare!! from Tweet

and Elaine! (Elaine's superbly glamorous! <3)

They are just soooooo lovely! OMG and Clare's much(x 10000) more gorgeous in real!! Clare's such a sweet and nice lady and the time spent with her yesterday was amazing! Elaine was sweet and lovely too! OMG they were both so nice and amazing!!
Clare and i, It's like we've known each other forever =_= aaha we kept talking and talking and talking and talking hehe. (Y)

At about 7+ in the evening, we met at the hotel lobby it was actually kind of awkward at first(ONLY the first few minutes i guess) eheh. Sadly it was raining outside so we sat in a car Z drove us around! It was also very nice and wonderful of him! (Thanks Z ehhe <3) We had Peranakan food for dinner :D (I ordered famous dishes of the peranakan people and was kinda nervous that they wouldn't like it BUUUT :D)
Clare : I approve! HEHE
I go yaaay! ahhah im serious! :D
After dinner we went to the jetty and had a stroll. The rain stopped so we went into town and did more walking. eheh
and nooow..... PRESENTING.....
PICTURES! =_= eehhehe ENJOY :D

I love what Clare had on that night. She's just so gorgeous!!(and i am NOT exaggerating :D)

Ps,Clare and Elaine are one of the nicest people around OMG OMG <3 They're both so lovely and awesome and wonderful :D I'm glad we got to met. I miss them! ehhe hope to see them soon :D x

Till next time

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Im sorry for the long absent from my blog, as you all know sixth form started for me, so this week is the first week of class and everything is still not settled yet. Loads of things to do et cetera. I miss reading you lovies blog!! Can't wait to be able to read them soon :D

Ps, I have something interesting installed for you all :D Hopefully it will be up tomorrow or else friday the latest :D Come back again :D ehhe


Till next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hannah Holman by Txema Yeste

Saw this editorial of Hannah Holman shot by Txema Yeste. I find the pictures electrifying in every way. First off the vibrant colours and lights. Love the whole concept of the shoot too. The amazing contrast of gold and the outfits are gorgeous.I especially love the blue trench-like military jacket.
Ps, click on the picture for a larger view :D


Pictures via here

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short! Short! SHORTS

I am currently looking for shorts. I don't like shorts that are body hugging or too tight on me(maybe cause i look ugly in them) I prefer slightly loose shorts :D

I would like to wear shorts like this, fit and slightly loose and the shorts have to be on the darker shade of whatever colour it is but i prefer colours for shorts like blue,black,grey,khaki brown. XDXD I'm a very fussy person :S ehehheheh  

Following are shorts i love and would want to have :D ehhe

Old Navy

J brand

American Eagle

Bullhead. I Love this a lot! 

American Eagle

Shorts,especially jean shorts pretty much go with anything and everything(When i say everything i didn't mean Oscars or Gala tho... XD)

+ shorts is awesome and good in weather like here =_= XD.

I WAAANT!! *turns on shopping for shorts mode* =_= HAHAHH

Till next time xxxxx