Thursday, June 17, 2010


HEEEY!! I am soooo sorry for the very very long absence. Had been busy and when my break came my internet was out =_= and i have been busy with planning out stuff for some outing with friends which started out as a 2 days 1 night trip but hotels and resorts were fully booked. I call the hotels/resorts and every one of it said full then we made trips to visit other hotels/resorts. FULLY BOOKED *faints* so in the end we made a trip to the beach and had some bbq-ing there. YAY! I sorta started our bbq fire *beams* Well it was me who was supposed to start it then it took a long time and my friends helped out so in the end yeah we started it =_=
Anywaaaay. Here's some pictures i took at the beach! :D


saw this coconut got washed up to shore :D XD

STARFISH yaay i saw starfish! haha there were loads of them. From super large to super tiny eeek!! :D XDXD But this poor little starfish is dead, no one saved it so it got dried up(my friends and i were "saving" starfish we threw them back into the ocean XD =_= )

and lastly me posing HAHHAAHHAH =_=

Okei so that's about it. Sorry for the absence i hope this post make up for it :S(it's not awesome or anything HEHE)

Till next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxx