Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blumarine RTW SS 2010

ARRGHH i am sad! LOL. This afternoon i was ONLY about a few meters away from the beach. GLORIOUS BEACH. GAAAHHHH didn't manage to go to the beach tho :(. I was at this place, it had the beach just behind of the building but since it was about 2-3 in the afternoon we didn't go to the beach. BEACH= WONDERFUL. 2-3PM SUN= NO WAY =_=
i WILL GO TO THE BEACH SOOOOOOON (hopefully). So, since i am currently obsessed about the beach(lets see if i still am after i get a sunburn OR WORST,much much tanner than i already am now LOL)
I wanted to post on bikinis or sun dresses or anything that are beach-wear inspired... BUT then i saw this ultra cool,colourful Blumarine RTW SS 2010 and that whole post idea was gone =_= XD. I am fickle minded yes(VERY INFACT :P)

Blumarine RTW SS 2010 collection of clothing takes tie-dye to a whole new level that the once me who didn't liked tie-dye much is now going.... 

At this hour. =_= Don't worry i won't wake ANYBODY up, i am doing the school girl fanatic shrieks all inside the mind XD :P
I love the colours used for the fabrics.
Here it is!

I love the bag and shoe and outfit!!

Very cute and gorgeous red dress!

I adore the colour combination in this outfit.So much going on yet simple <3

AAAANNNNDDDD OMG!!! I saw this GORGEOUS swimwear(?? :S) from Classe Alviero Martini.OMG RITE??!?!? LOL! :D

All pictures via Vogue.

Till next time!! xxxxxx

Saturday, April 24, 2010


AHHA.Sorry for the capital letters in the tittle BUT seriously, these pictures of Dewi Driegen taken by Stephan Würth are JUST AMAZING. It's very summer-ish *winks*. I'm not really a big fan of summer i mean i love the sun yeah but not too much of it like how it is here. SUMMER everyday day of the year. i WANT WINTER?(Dress up in lovely winter clothings? XDXD). GAH just looking at these pictures make me want the beach!! The smell and taste of salty air (Y)! The warm sand, arrrr!! The beach, here i come!! XDXD Have i mentioned how i LOVE turquoise coloured sea/beaches?? How much i love the beach but hate the sun? HAAHAHHAH....

Anyway, IGNORE my random ramblings and enjoy the pictures!! 

This dress is lovely!

Really love the lace top. :D

The snake skin pattern jacket is gorgeous.

This body hugging dress is gorgeous too.

Am in love with this pictures especially the contrast of the turquoise sea and the white of her clothing, her white blonde hair and bright and whiteness of the whole picture! Bright and sunny <3 :D ehhe

Pictures via here

Ps, I know i just made 2 post in less than an hour on pictures but i just can't resist not sharing these gorgeous pictures with you! :D. Maybe i don't know how to control my number of posts in a day :( HEHEHE.

Till next time(Hopefully not in another hour :P XDXD)

Re-edit( WHY is the pictures always too big for my posts?? :( HELP? XD xx)

A rose is a rose!

Found these gorgeous pictures of Eva Herzigova for Elle May 2010 issue. Pictures area taken by Katja Rahlwes

Pictures via here

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I want them but i can't have them WHY? :(

I've been browsing through A LOT of blog stores lately for the past few days especially at hours when i am supposed to be in bed(LOOL). I AM IN LOVE with the clothes that i come across with but they always end up breaking my heart! :( SUCKS really. How they broke my paper heart? They're either too huge, too long, too small, too short for me OR the worst SOLD OUT( Non-restockable).  HOW SUCKY is that?!

*falls in love*

*breaks my heart*  HAHAAH No, really!

They're all so lovely and gorgeous and GAGA worthy eheh(my own phrase don't mind me) BUT they all break my heart. I WANT THEM but i can't fit into them. GRRRR

As of this moment, the following dresses/tops broke my heart (XD)

I can't fit into them :( Well check them out if your interested, i doubt it they'll break your hearts ;)
The cons of being a petite PFFT XDXDXD :P

Pictures via(Blog store links) 
Fitting Room
Cat In The Bowl

Have fun shopping hehe I WISH I COULD *sulks* AHAHHAHAHAHHH <3

Till next time xxxxxxx
A non-profitable post, blogstores have no whatsoever associate

I am Determined

BUSY busy busy busy. Have been going about like i have no home =_=.  MEEEEEH. I've been so busy that i haven't finish filling up my reply forms to this uni that i got accepted into. It's been a week or so now and i'm NOT done filling it up, the closing date for the reply is on the 30th of April yay me :( I AM DETERMINED TO GET THEM DONE TOMORROW. haha capitals are intended :D

Today was quite fun, especially at the group violin class. XD We had our group photos taken. Met, got to know new people. I'm actually loving life  at the moment, everyday i meet new people or get to know a little more about "new people", Its FUN =_=.
The pictures, I will try to get them from the photographer and post it up here HAHAH.  YES CAMWHORE TIME is MY FAV TIME=_=.  After class we went for supper the malaysian way= MAMAK!! XD. I'm always exhausted and tired after a long busy day :( My blog misses me i can tell XDXDXD *thick face* Anyway, hopefully i could get my hands on the pics soon and i'll definitely post it up here :D :D!


Ps,I'm thinking of doing a photoshoot on these toy soldier figurine that i have(Played with them when i was little XD.Had always thought of doing one and i think i might do one SOON)
BUT im still looking for the perfect location and what sort of backdrop i would want my soldiers in XD. But i want the shoot to be water free tho, wouldn't want to damage the soldiers HEHE :D

That's it for today's updates. Pps, this is a very random piece of information but i made pineapple jam yesterday and made apple chips today HAHA. Apple chips were a waste of apple, i sliced up FIVE apples and got so little chips PFFFFT


Till next time xxxxxxx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just For Fun- My Top 9 Perfume favs

Okei, it's 1.27am at the moment and i have a LONG day ahead tomorrow BUT i just thought of blogging about perfumes that i love! So here's a list of  NINE(can't think of the tenth because the following nine are at the tip of my fingers. They come to mind easily whenever i think of perfumes, so given the time that is now 2am i  shall make it an odd number(:P), partly im very sleepy now YAY!! HEHE) perfumes that make me go GAGA XD :D 

Estee Lauder Intuition

Estee Lauder Pleasure

Escada Ocean Lounge

Armani Code for Women

Ralph Lauren Ralph Cool

Adidas 3 Women(This is actually a limited edition)

Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame

Hugo Boss Femme

Giorgio Armani Armani Code for Men(YES for MEN :D It's very yummy =_=)

I love all these perfumes, IF i had to pick amongst them
i'd cry XD, it's just toooooo hard to pick so i shall leave them as my top NINE with no specific orders

Pictures via  Fragrantica
Hope you enjoy the list ehhehe. Ps,what's your favourite perfume?


Till next time!! XXX

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A review on Scarlet Ardour

First of all i would like to say i am so sorry for the lack of posts, life have been busy enough for me to not able to post on things. SO apologies.

Scarlet Ardour is a blog created for the purpose of selling away once loved clothes. XD aww sounds so emo don't you think? XD. Well the owner of the clothes are selling away her clothes because she happens to be an impulse buyer/shopper like yours truly(:P) . In her own words...
Oh dear, you know me, being a shopaholic, at the spur of the moment I go all excited over a fashion piece, be it a dress or an accessory, I would immediately make the purchase hence adds to my collection in my wardrobe. Unfortunately for me sometimes dearies, being a petite, even the standard S size is too big for me.

I especially love these items from her site. The Beatles, A Crest and Yellow You. Very cute and very summer-ish ;) ehheh (Don't think that's actually a word:P but owh well ehhe)

Love them? Check out her blog at Scarlet Ardour!!

She's a really nice blogger too ;) Check out her blog EmbellishmentS

ENJOY shopping at Scarlet Ardour!
ps, i'm sorry to say she currently don't take orders internationally :( 

Till next time xxxxxxx

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kinda wished the visit was longer but owh well..

Today was rather eventful! XD If i may indulge myself in telling you lovies about it ;)

Well my twin friends came to pick me up at 11am this morning(I'm so happy i didnt oversleep =_= ) Went to the hairdresser they cut their hair and we decided to go and do a little shopping HAHAH.YES A LITTLE ;). Don't worry, today, i helped them shop i DID NOT buy a single thing except for lunch AHHA yaaay me :D Not even nail colour! I actually did bought a new nail colour last week when i was out with them too! It was turquoise GAH lovely colour :D
This is the exact brand and colour but the pic isn't mine, got it off from here

Us,with 3 of our friends who was working at the mall it was lunch break for them :D

At 3pm or so, they sent me to the bus central. WHY?! Cause my Penangite (Penang state people are called Penangite) friend was in town.

The last time we met was THREE years back, it was a camp that was held in Penang that i had attended as a representative to my school/state.......
The time spent in Penang was SHORT(about 2-3 days?) but it was pure awesome fun! :D

Okei, anyway back to what had happened =_=.
Before he arrived at the bus central and me meeting him=_=. We were texting and
calling and making sure where/when/HOW we were going to meet.

At 3pm..
Him: I'm here
Me: okei!
After a whole lot of other calls and texts went on =_= HAHAHAH. Finally i told him i'll just meet him at the bus central itself(OF ALL PLACES YES IT HAD TO BE THERE ) since he couldn't meet me at one of the malls :(. So, plans of having tea and dinner had to be cancelled :( MEEEH

Went into Mc'Donalds(the easiest most convenient place to meet according to ME XD)

I walked right past him and i didn't noticed him.When i turned around, i saw someone that looked EXACTLY like him.. =_=
Him: heey!!
Me: heey!!
Introduced our friends(i had one of the twin with me and he had a friend with him =_=)
Then the friends went on to being quiet in their so called "awkward" situation while WE talked like we haven't met in ages XD. I mean don't get me wrong, we chat almost everyday, text and calls but meeting in person is just so nice :D XD Afterall it HAD BEEN THREE WHOLE YEARS.

blah blah blah we talked, took some pics but pics are still with him =_= THEN within 15 /20 mins? I left. SUUUUCCCKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OMGEEEE I wish we could have met up longer but i already had plans that i COULDN'T POSSIBLY cancel so :( MEEH maybe we shall meet soon, this time with the whole Penangite Gang!! YAY? XD

GAAAH i really wished we had met at somewhere nicer or somewhere where we could have sat over a nice meal and talk :D. (We did had food, well he did anyway I was just stealing away his fries =_= HAHA) I'm like *talks* *grabs fries* *talks* *grabs fries* XDXD Fries are <3

OWH YEAH did i mentioned? He wore suit and tie =_= because he had an interview at one of the universities here, after the interview was over they were sent back so yeah he had been here since last Saturday but he wasn't allowed OUT of the university so we couldn't meet until the day he was to go home.

Eventful day! XD BUUUUT still wished we could have met and talked longer instead of THAT SHORT OF A TIME.

Ps, Dude!! u gotta come down SOON, I DON'T CARE MAN!! XDXD

LONG LONG LONG story ehhehehehhe

Hope i didn't bore you lovies at all XD :$

Till next time xxxx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love the Fendi Spring-Summer 2010 RTW collection.

They're pieces range from nude to colours to outfits suitable for a stroll by the beach, a day in the office, nights out with the girls....

ENJOY gaah i love them all to be honest :D

I really love this dress!! It just speaks to me =_= hehe unfortunately i don't have the height for it :(

Lovely high-waisted skirt pieces. They looked so casual,sophisticated and rocking XD


Love the heels but i would never dare to put this on! XD I'm afraid of heights :P =_= XDXD im kidding <3.> being ME, lazy as ever won't take the effort to tie the gorgeous ribbons =_= XD. Pretty much every angle of the gorgeous Fendi shoe! XD

Pictures via Vogue

Till next time xxx

A dose of 30's Fashion

I apologize for the short absent from my blog and my very very self-indulgent posts lately but HEY this is MY blog ;) About me, well basically on things i love and all and ME ME ME XDXD

Watched a movie called Cracks today. Staring the gorgeous Eva Green, Juno Temple (as Jane Parker in the movie Other Boleyn Girl),María Valverde....The girls in the movie are so gorgeous AND best part was the clothes and fashion in this movie is just OOOOOMMMMGGG!! eehheheh. Especially Eva Green's Miss G character's costume/clothing. She just look so gorgeous in them!
Here are some of the clothes from the movie.

Love the outfit she wore when she was on the boat also with the white blazer she had on before she got on the boat =_= XD. The "jacket" she had on while she was walking with the green umbrella XD

This is the gorgeous María Valverde,a Spanish actress.
Pictures via here

Pictures via here

So all of you 30s fashion lovers, this movie is a must watch XD

+ there are loads of scenic and very lovely scenes in the movie XDXDAND the makeup on the girls are just amazing! :D 

I WON'T elaborate on what the movie is about, you'll just have to watch to find out ;) :P XD

Gah the pics are always so huge for my blog :S. meeeeeh :(

Till next time xxxxxx