Sunday, July 4, 2010

Something Purple!

So,in my previous post i said i bought a new bag and it's purple in colour. At first,i wanted to just take pictures of the bag and post it up here to show you lovelies BUT i sort of got carried away(ahahhaha)... I started dressing up and all that AHHA.
So... here are the pictures! Hope you like it :D

I put on a black tube, a high waisted skirt over it, a beaded crochet overcoat and a tiny brown belt. Add a long black beaded necklace + the bag and walaaa. EHHE

Here is a larger image of THE BAG!!! YAY ehhe <3. I really love it alot!!

I bought it from an online blog store called F.a.b.r.i.c D.e.t.a.i.l.s I love how the material of the bag is not thin or anything and it looks much more durable :D. If your interested check the blog out. They sell cute clothes too!! Have fun shopping at it HEHE.

Ps, here's a little something extra. I was thinking of ways to dress up with the bag and i remember my polyvore account.....HEHEHE

What you think?? :D

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved. Scheduled post.

Till next time xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, July 2, 2010

*sighs* i AM SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF POSTS. School have been really busy and exhausting and i am always rushing for time. I didn't wanted to blog because i had to but i wanted to blog because i want to(That's the reason i started blogging anyway) So i didn't wanted to just randomly post up posts so that there's a post i wanted to really blog =_=. I am repeating what i just said. Anyway, yeah school busy as ever so there will be very little posts :S :(

My school had this canteen day yesterday. Every clubs/societies opened up stalls to sell stuff. While us, the sixth form... We had a sixth form student council and since they elected the new committee members last week,the new committee members had to open up a stall too. We were only inform of it on MONDAY! The event was on THURSDAY PFFT!!.
But luckily we had a VERY AWESOME AWESOME new chairman so yeah! Yesterday turned out awesome even tho it was exhausting.
Here are some pictures of the random people.. new friends i know in sixth form. All are cool people! XD

My face is pretty much oily in all the pics :(
Actually there are more random crazy pics but im just gonna post some "NORMAL" picture on here =_= ahha the rest are in facebook =_=.
Reason being,i don't want to post it on here cause in all those pictures, i am so tiny :( HAHAHHA
Fact is i AM tiny arh well XD

OWH OWH!! That's our school uniform HEHE.

PS,the other day i bought a bag from this online store(which is owned by my sister's friend) I will show you lovelies picture of the bag soon ehe. A hint, it's purple in colour ;) =_= XD

SORRY again for the lack of posts and the lack of visits to you awesome people's blogs, I really miss you lovely people's blogs but I barely have the chance now to sit and relax and read the blogs :( GAAAAAAHHHHHH *emos* heeeee..

LIFE for me now = school,eat,homework,study,hw,sleep. And the cycle start all over again for the next day. I have no school today so (Y)!!! eheh

Till next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx