Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Needs a clutch bag

I am in desperate need of a clutch bag! Here are some ideas of what I would love to have !!! *loves*

I actually adore these following 2 clutch bags the most. GAAH!

Pictures are via tumblr. I do not own any of these images.
If you wish to remove or to be credited for this image(s) please let me know. :)

Ps, had my haircut yesterday. ehhehe Love it, imagine Emily Browning's short hair ;) ehehehhe. Shall have pictures soon!
Till next time xxxx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jonathan Saunders SS 2011 RTW

Jonathan Saunders SS 2011 RTW. Need I say more?

Am in love.

Pictures via Nymag

Till next time xxx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is here!

Well, it's officially summer for everyone now(except for those who are in the southern part of the world :( )

I can say that I am A LITTLE excited about this but well I live in a country where it's summer all year round, ehhehe so yaah I need to be low profile about the excitement.
What I am excited about is that now all shops display their summer collection and the whole mood is summery EHEH.
+ Soon, everywhere will be jammed pack with loads of tourist, I know this is weird but I love looking at how tourists dress and guess which countries they would most probably come from. Just for the fun of it :) eheh

I am grateful to be here, with summer all year round etc but sometimes I do wish we had more festival going on during this time :D. Music festival, art festival etc.

Did you know, we actually DO HAVE 4 seasons in this country. The four seasons are :-
Very hot
Super hot and.......
Extremely hot. AHAHHA. My pastor said that during a sermon. EHEHHE :D

Wish I could put all this on for my vacation soon. EHHEHE

Can't help but love the graphic Aztec like prints from Mara Hoffman Spring 2011 RTW and Menswear. I know this year's summer is all about big bright bold colours but I am just drawn to these darker shades, the olive green and cobalt blue are just as lovely as anything and just a standout.

GAAAH! All these talk about summer, the sun the beach, bikinis and beer is cheering me up :D. Yes, I've been feeling very very very very x100000 emo and down lately, don't ask why, I don't know either, studies pressure? Maybe. Don't know. Am just glad that this post cheered me up :) hehe.

Pictures via Nymag

Ps Till next time xxx
PPs, Jaanipäev! :D ehhe

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I need colours in my life. XD

I need some colours in my life at the moment :( ehehh

Colours like from the runway of YSL Resort 2011

Jil Sander SS RTW 2011

Ps, loving the Fuchsia coloured lipstick on the models <3

Yeaaaap, I need these to brighten my emo days XD

Hai!The last day of my 2 week break is today *emos* XD
Actually I didn't really had rest in the break, I was even more stressed out compared to when I am in school. I kept reminding myself to practice my violin and kept reminding myself to study, I have only 162 days or 5 months, 9 days or 13,996,800 seconds or 233,280 minutes or 3888 hours or about 23 weeks to go. OWHHH noooooooo......... That's so soon :/
Gaaah, yeaah I should go study now...

Pictures via
Till next time :) ehhe xxxxx

Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 years and still counting.

Hey again, today I decided to share some pictures with you. The other day while my besties and I were hanging out, we decided to just take random pictures, but little did we know, the pictures turned out great! eheh We love it, it's so natural and nothing tried too hard. :D

Can't actually believe it but we've spent 12 years of our lives together, shared our ups and downs. :) They are just amazing people and I am blessed to have them in my life :) ehhehe

The beautiful ladies.

Till next time xxxxx


Hey...I feel like a stranger on my blog. I haven't been on here for ages.
May for me was really hectic, glad it's over and here is June :D <3 even though this means STPM is closing in but I am just going to relax for a bit. :)
So, I had a little BBQ with my sixth form mates today. After the eating and cleaning up was done we played a card game where the player with the lowest number from the cards would have to answer a truth question asked by the player with the highest number.
There were a lot of random crazy questions, and some just weird=_= but yeaaah it was fun..... this made me realized tho, while a lot of us are out there looking for that special someone, a lot of us are constantly hoping to have someone special in our lives, or hoping to be that someone special in other people's life...I am just here, waiting, I don't really know what I am waiting for but I know I should wait. I am waiting for God to give me someone who will support me emotionally,financially, and just every aspect of my life. You may think that I am looking for that perfect someone that would not exist in this era but in actual if he is the one God has chosen for me, he does not need to be perfect in the eyes of others, all he need to be is perfect in God's eye. I know a lot of people out there are saying stuff like "you should start looking for someone now.." "you should do this/that" But I think, and this is what I am going to do, I've decided to wait for God to show me the "perfect" someone he has prepared for me. This is what I remembered from a sermon by a pastor to us youth, I quote him, How can you be loyal to your patner if you are not loyal to God? Till today, I still remember them.. Today, I've decided to first fall in love with God all over again for I shall admit, I have been cold and hot with God. I only call to Him when I need Him and neglect Him when I do not..
I guess God wants me to first fall in love with Him in order for me to be able to truly understand what love is, let's face it, who really understands the true meaning of love?..

I am off to bed now. It's really late and I had a very long day today.
Thanks for still being here. You guys are amazingly amazing.

Till next time xxxxxx