Saturday, January 30, 2010


Givenchy's Spring-Summer 2010, Haute Couture
Some of the looks that i love

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. The colour,everything about it looks stunning!only that the end of the dress, it's a bit too much for me *shrugs*

I'm tired now
Till next time xx

Friday, January 29, 2010

All you need is ....

She sat at the corner of her room staring at the trees outside.Holding onto a little black book like her very life depended on it. She sat there imagining Him here with her, right now holding her in His arms, comforting here and reassures her that everything's going to be ok and He'll always be with her no matter what happends. He will carry her through times of suffering and despair. Till that day comes, she'll just imagine Him here with her and trust in Him that everything is safe in His hands and she'll turn out ok. Faith in Him is all she needs.

Till next time xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I WANT OUT!! I can't do this arrgghhh. I don't know what to do and i feel so restless at the same time. Time isn't waiting for me either ARRGHHHHHH I WANT OUT. I'm so tired of this. I can't talk to anyone either cause mainly i don't wanna be a pain in the ass and i don't want to annoy anyone.
urrrgghhhhhhhhh whatever! I JUST WANT OUT. I wanna quit this shyt.

I just want to be alone but i don't want to be alone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Z obsession

I love watching foreign films. Eventhough i can't understand them and my only hope is the subs i still love watching them cause i just love the language!! XD

Klass is an estonian movie about school violence. It is also said that it was culled direct inspiration from the infamous Columbine High School Massacre.
This movie unfolds in an Eastern European high school overrun by psychotic bullies and a single student being a victim of the whole class

Kaspar(Vallo Kirs).

Kaspar(Vallo Kirs) and Joosep(Pärt Uusberg)

A very intense movie. Some parts of the movie got me very frustrated and angry and some parts are just depressing. Good movie ;)

In 2007, this movie received an award from Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Warsaw International Film Festival. This movie is also the official Estonian submission to the Best Foreign Language Film Category of the 80th Academy Awards.

It is a Polish movie. But through the flm, 3 languages are spoken.Polish, Russian and German.
This movie is an examination of the Soviet slaughter of thousands of Polish officers and citizens in the Katyn forest in 194

I don't know much about WWII in the Europe but in my opinion this is a good movie to watch.

This movie received an award from Washinton DC Filmfest, Polish Film Awards , Ljubljana International Film Festival, Golden Globes,Italy, European Film Awards, Denver International Film Festival. And was nominated in the Academy Awards,USA, Czech Lions, London Critics Circle Film Awards, Polish Film Awards

La Vie En Rose
This is a very famous french movie that i've only recently got the chance to watched.
This movie is about the life of French singer Édith Piaf(played by french actress Marion Cotillard)

This is a very moving story of the singer's life. I cried at some parts of this and some parts i was just so frustrated. Again another good movie :D

This movie received an award from Academy Awards,USA, BAFTA Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Cabourg Romantic Film Festival, Czech Lions, César Awards, France, Golden Globes,USA, Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, London Critics Circle Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, Lumiere Awards,France, NRJ Ciné Awards, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, Satellite Awards, Seattle International Film Festival, Vancouver Film Critics Circle, Étoiles d'Or.

The awards won are a lot so yeah it is a really good movie ;) + La Vie En Rose also received a list of nominations.

These are the 3 most recent foreign films that i've watched.
Next up will be Reprise[STILL searching for this movie:'(],Coco Avant Chanel and I've Loved You So Long(STILL searching for this movie too :/] and 3 idiots

Monday, January 25, 2010

I wish i was a peacock!

LOL random tittle. ANYWAYS i LOVE my new hair colour!!!

Me right after the hairdresser was done. I love the colours.

I wanted ONLY BLUE streaks at my fringe. But my hairdresser told me he'll do a patch here *he points* and i was like hmm okei let's try it!! hahah

A closer look on how my hair looks :D

Tho, i did get a few comments that i looked like a peacock BUT I LOVE THE COLOUR OF MY HAIR.

PS,Did i mention? i love my new hair colour?? XD

Till Next time xxx

Friday, January 22, 2010


I had a round of movie yesterday. Watched Legion and Tiger woo hoo(Malaysian production)
Ps im reviewing these 2 movies so if you don't want to have spoilers don't read :D ahha. seriously

Ok let me talk about Legion first. Well the movie was actually stupid =_= no offence to any Legion lovers. Some parts of the movie are pretty scary like especially this old woman, Gladys. She climbs on walls and bit someone on the neck eww?? And she has scary teeth...looks can be deceiving eh? :P ahha

Then another scary part is the ice cream man. He could like make his legs and hands super long and start running like a freaking spider then.
Another scary part was towards the end of the movie this family van that came to get gas from the place then these possesed group of people came and attacked them. They even attacked a really sweet innocent looking small boy, then one of the good people in the movie tried to save the boy. He jumped down from the roof and saved the kid, then the kid at his neck, looked at him and said "i fooled you", he's dead. The kid did looked scary, he looked like he came out of those people possesed REAL horror flicks LOL

OK those are the few scary parts that i could remember. So anyways yeah the movie was scary at some parts but towards the end it was comical especially the angel Gabriel. He looks like a super hero or something with his armours and metal wings =_=

So in conclusion, the movie was not nice :) MY opinion anyway :D

Now Tiger Woo hoo. This movie totally rocks and it's so funny im pretty much laughing my ass away XD
Woohoo' (tiger dance) is a tradition practiced in a small village (Beserah, Kuantan) during a prayer ceremony every 60 years
As the only elder who knows "Woohoo" can no longer perform, his filial granddaughter put up a misleading advertisement which in turn attracts five youngsters from different backgrounds - bad-tempered bank security man Ah Beng, indecisive Char Kuey Teow hawker Ah Huat, effeminate designer Rain, university student Bobby and smart alec Alan - to be trained as 'woohoo' players. After some tough training, they finally look like a formidable team. However, few days before the anticipated festival day, the only 'tiger head"'is accidentally destroyed by the mischievous kids in the village.
-Got this short review from

Now, i think the 3 main characters are all funny in their own way

Ah Rain and Ah Beng

The kepoh(busy body) neighbours of Ah Beng whose always rubbing it in to his parents face that they went singapore, thailand bla bla bla while Ah Beng can't afford to take his parents on any vacation. GRrrr.

Ah Huat is the cutest. He's a little mentally slow and gets cheated like mad. The funniest part was when he was selling his xian yu cha kueh tiao(fried Shahe fen or he fen is a type of wide Chinese noodle made from rice with salted fish) this man came and asked for money then he said RM 100 is enough and minutes later he came as a school girl=_=(yes a man dressed up as a school girl) asking for donation and RM 100 again XD then he came as a monk and asked again.... so Ah Huet got cheated RM 300 in seconds ahah okei i guess you guys could get his character.
Anyways the 3 of them went to a small fishing Village in Kuantan and that's when they realised they signed themselves up to learn the tradisional dance.

This is the 3 friends with another guy who was also called to learn this dance =_=

All in all it was extremely funny and some parts are touching but I DID NOT cry :P ahha. So yeah good movie :D (Y) Go waaatccchh!!! ahah

Till next time xx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To 2 someone

To someone,
AAaarrrrrh i really need to stop annoying you with my problems and my emoness and everything. It feels like i've always came to you no matter what and i haven't actually been there for you :S. I know i suck at being me i don't really want to be me right now too. Anyway i just keep ruining things and i don't want to loose you in my life. Whenever i can't do something on my own i always find you and i know maybe your getting very very annoyed with me already. But you've always been there when i needed someone to talk to that now whenever i have things on my mind your the first person i come to because i don't know who elese could stand me and i know should stop this habit, especially when its past midnight and i'm still smsing you telling you of my emoness etc. Besides god, your the only person i go to whenever im emo, angry, annoyed, crazy, happy , hyper. You have always understood my feelings, sometimes when i can't explain to you how i feel but you still could understand perfectly how i feel at that moment.

Thanks for always being there for me, i know i'm an ass, i WILL i promise bother you less and not be emo with you too much and not always telling you about me me me and start listening to you. Your an amazing person and i think you deserve a better friend than me.....But i don't think i can let you out of my life.Your just too important to me now.

To another someone,
All i know is i regret knowing you but at the same time your the best thing that happend. I hate the feeling of where we are now, it's been only a week but i still think about you all the time and i've been crying till i don't think i have any tear. And whenever i think that, tears flow down arrghh i know, if your reading this now you must be saying what is wrong with you?!?! we agreed . Yeah we agreed but i never say i wanted this. That day i just didn't know what else to do i didn't wanted to hurt you any longer i know being in this is hurting you and i just want to see you happy. It's not right to have you feel all those feelings. Tho, i feel really hurt that we're no longer how we used to be , as close as before but i still wish what happened that night was a dream i know im crazy, im the most confuse person but RIGHT NOW i really don't know what else to feel. I want us back to the way we were but at the same time i don't want that too because i know it's taking us no where at the moment.... I DON'T KNOW. Will we ever be back to the way we were?, that close? will there ever be a we again?. If you're reading this... i just want to say i wish we could have met some other way and not how we've met. Maybe it's too late now and most probably you have moved on. I will move on i promise you i just need some time..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shoes? Bags? Dresses?

These are the things every girl can't live without and can never get enough of :P. Especially bags and shoes and dresses and clothes.. what am i saying? We can never get enough of anything(OR maybe just me ehhe)

My choice of bag would be....
A bag that could fit a bottle water and a small book so that i could read IF im ever waiting and a digital camera? XD + the bag must be big enough to be able to fit all my stuff in and NOT too big cause then i would look tiny in XDXD. My choice of bag would also be that it would be able to go with almost every ocassion, and dat i'm able to dress around with the bag.

Maybe something like this Gucci Pelham

My choice of shoe would be....
1st, a pair of sneakers

XD u get the idea ;)

2nd, a pair of casual heels
3rd, a pair of formal heels
Waait! 2nd and 3rd can be one shoe i don't mind,maybe something like these??ehe :P

Givenchy cut out boots. I love the pink *falls in love* :P XD

4th, a pair of trainers
5th, sandals or flip flops that are comfortable
6th, pumps? XD

something like these are just gorgeous!

OKAAAYY i know i might be a LITTLE crazy but like i said one can never have too many shoes :P XDXD

My choices of clothes are very simple, as long as it's me or i feel comfortable in them then yeah! Lately i've been trying to go for things that are more feminine like dresses et cetera, since i don't really have much more formal-like clothes but instead i have maybe too many statement tees so yeah I'm currently looking for tops that are formal but could also be dressed up and down ;) ehe.

Well, i guess that's about it for TODAY my friends...I dont't mind getting any of the above i said for my birthday this year :P:P *hiiinntttss*
Till next time xx

Monday, January 18, 2010

18th January 2010

Today was AWESOME It deserves a date on it's own =_=

8am My alarm rang. I was incredibly lazy to wake up but arrrh i have to haha cause CK's going back today so we're spending a day together

8.45am My aunt came to pick me up n drop me off at the bus central
Around this time i went to get CK's return bus ticket and took the first bus that brings me to town.

9.30am I arrived town and i walked straight to CK's hotel. Waited for him in the lobby then it was too long so i went up to his room. I laze around and watched the 67th Golden Globes Award while he was busy packing up his stuff. Then we laze around even more (haha lazy people =_=) So there goes my plan of having breakfast together haha!!

10am -issh(almost 11am) We finally decide to get breakfast. CK checked out, we left the luggage in the hotel and we went to the mall to get breakkie. We walked and walked and walked and finally .... we went to Kenny Roger's to have our brunch XDXD. Sat there talked eat talked cause i ate really slow =_=

At noon, we went over to the jetty because CK wanted to have a round of karaokey! XD
When we arrived, the outside of the place, the door read Monday-Thursday(or something) 1pm-10pm(or some other time i don't remember) I was super annoyed and kept complaining ahha.. CK kept telling me half and hour is really short just wait.. so fine.. we enjoyed the sea breeze and sea view(owh! we saw a dead fish in the sea arrghh both of us got pissed off n annoyed.. =_=)

Before 1pm a man spoke to us in mandarin(the conversation are conducted in mandarin but well its translated by me:P ahha)
Man : Karaokey??
Me : uuuh yeap... but it's not open yeeet *stares* (CK n i was actually role playing, he was to be a foreign tourist ahhaha okok random i noe but u couldn't believe how much fun we had + weird stares we got cause CK had a really cute accent :P) XDXD
Man : It's open!! Come in
Me : It's open we can go in now(translated to CK hahah!!)
CK : Thankiu *looks at the man* (saying that with his owh so cute accent hahahah)

*We walked in, i did all the talking and stuff* (CK acting all blurry like, cause conversations were conducted in mandarin by the cashier and me XDXD =_= )

1-3pm Sang our heart out and got really emo then really hyper then really crazy =_= ahahha (maybe i was the only one that got emo XDXD :P)

After our session ended, we walked over to the mall and have a look at what movies were shown in cinema, but all the movies would end too late and CK might miss his bus so in the end we walked over to Mc'Ds and enjoyed our Mc'Flurry oreo (YUMMMM XDXD )
Sat and talked since we were both tired from walking

Almost 5pm Z called CK and said he was at the mall. We went over to Big Apple to meet him up. Walked again =_=(owh the legs urrgh ahhah kidding :D)This time Z and I bullied CK ahha it was owh so fun :P:P. We went into ToyCity and played with all the toys even with the kiddy's piano key thing ahha then it got all noisy and we left =_= hahahahaha *shakes head* (kids these days :P! XDXD)

Before 6pm we went to have sushi. We sat there for what felt like quite some time but i just realised this now that we only sat there for about less than an hour?? Awww then i got emo =_= ahha
Me : CK don't go back todaaaay...
Z : yeah stay here we're all here
and this convert went on for some time till ahha we made CK emo =_= then he got really quiet :(:( (sorry man, my fault i don't care no matter how much NOT emo u said u were WE don't believe you!!! XD)

6.30pm We rushed across to the other mall. Z went to get his car , CK and i went to get his luggage at the hotel. I Guided Z the way that i thought was the fastest and nearest to the bus central and we reached about 6.45 ++??(I don't remember :/)

Sat at the side and accompanied CK till his bus was going to leave. Said goodbye and ahahha we ran across to another platform where CK could see us and started waving like mad, like some crazy people :P:P

Went to Z's car,got out onto the road AAAANNNNNNDDDD!! We saw CK's bus in front!!! XD Z drove next to his bus and I started waving like some mad woman(ahhah!!).Z was well keeping his eyes on the road OBVIOUSLY ;P XD.( i reckon people on the bus must be thinking like OMG these crazy young people ahhahahh!!!who cares :P XD)

xd Taken by CK , Z's hand and me laughing =_=

Z tailed CK's bus till we couldn't tail it no more + some random van got in front of us Grrr!! ahah :P

CONCLUSION?? It was again an awesome day with awesome people :D. Soo can't wait for the next time :P ahhaha!! *hints * =_= XDXD

The 3 crazy monkeys :P haha! <3

Till next time xxx

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Had a fun day out with CK,Z,Z's brotha and T yesterday.

-CK arrived in the morning and crashed at my place till evening
-Z came to pick us up
-Checked CK into his hotel room
-Z's brotha had to leave for a while till 9pm? so it was the four of us
-Watched a movie (OMG i HATE you CK for saying that the dude in the movie looks exactly like some other person URGGH want die???? XDXD and made me all emo in the cinema :L)
-Walked around in the mall after the movie. Since we still had an hour to spare before Z's brotha came back, so we went tank top hunting for T. Needless to say it was a failure :( haha
-Z's brotha met us up in the restaurant. Am not gonna name it cause what we did later might just scare the soon to have customers away and who knows i might get sue or something :P ahhaha
-Waited :P haha ok u get my point we waited and waited..then we saw there were 3 other tables that haven't got served so we drank our drinks(owh yeah Z found a bug or some insect like animal in his drinks ewww??) and left since everyone was already starving( it was almost 10pm =_=)
- Z's brotha drove to another mall =_= and in the end we had Mc'Donalds ahha the burger never felt so amazing(closes eyes and enjoys every taste from it =_=) :P XDXD
-Then Z's brotha sent us home

arrrhhhh it was a boring day out :P hahahah

naah the company was amazing! + CK got bullied by us which was the best part of it all ahha :P The whole day was amazing ,when CK was at my place he got bullied by me like maybe a little too much =_= ahahh awww i still love you man! don't cry ahaha :P

All in all it was an amazing day with good company and awesome people :D

PS, sorry no pictures cause someone decided that he didnt needed his camera for the weekend ahaha :P (regret it man!!! R-E-G-R-E-T! :P) (L)

Till next time xxx

Friday, January 15, 2010

2 weeks has almost past

Well, i've graduated from high school in December '09. It's a friday today and a new year of school has already begun for almost 2 weeks now. I miss school, as much as i hate the last few weeks before graduation i really do miss school. I miss the school life of just being a student and not worrying much not worrying about the future. I miss the friends in school.

some of my favourite people :D xx

I can imagine right now, in school there's students who are running around doing their duties as some student who has other responsibility like being a chairman of their clubs, a treasuerer of their societies etc. And then there's the new students, they be sitting in class listening to teacher thinking wow I'm finally in secondary life. Loving every moment of it without realising or thinking in another 4 years time they be just like me here. Missing the school, the life, the teachers, the students and the friends that they made through the 5 years there.

senior class

Time flies without us wanting it to, time waits for no man. Arggh dont i just wish it does wait at least just for me :P. I do not have much regrets of my secondary life i had the busiest most awesome life. First year of secondary life i was elected as the first formers representative for my school green house(sports house) and the koperasi (uhh school shop or something :S XD) The second year it was still the same post but needless to say it was the highest post they could elect a second former. Third year of secondary life, i was the director for our school drama team, i was still holding the 2 previous post, promoted in one of them, i was a commitee member in my school police cadets uniform body and i was the treasurer for the wushu(martial arts) society. Heck i was a busy woman, during the beginning of the year i was not in class for almost 2 months, i was preparing for school sports day teaching marching, preparing for our state levels drama competition. I was still a student i still have my responsibilites of getting a good grade in my exms.
4th year of secondary came too soon. I made a decision without talking to it to my parents, a decision of switching myself to the arts stream, but i don't think it affected me much i love being in my class, the students are all amazing people and its safe to say if i didn't switch to this class i wouldn't have know and understand god even more. The most regrets i have happends in this year . Firstly i turned down the post for being the head of the koperasi, before the meeting was scheduled i was so emo, i kept wondering if i'd get the post i've worked so hard for that post, day in and out and im worried if i don't get it....

One morning we all gathered in the koperasi and before the meeting started, my senior(soon to be ex-head girl of koperasi) called out my name. I was in shocked did i do somethign wrong? why did she wanted to see me in private?? :S I walked out of koperasi with her.......

HER : sarah, our teacher advisor told us to ask you this..
ME : ask what?:S:S
HER : will you be able to handle the post as the head? You're already so busy with so many other posts, how many post are you holding exactly now?
ME : uuh captain of the green house, president for the peer educator club, treasurer for wushu........ (i stated every single post that i have)
HER :see what i mean,so can you handle? ( i stared at her blankly, but thousand of things were running through my mind, i wanted so much this post and here we are, i've worked so hard for this, i did worked hard for this, heck this was almost the only post that i've worked so hard for and here i am.. thinking if i wanted it...)
ME : Im sorry, i think i'll be too busy
HER : owh..
ME : im really sorry but i think the others(i named some names) will do better than me ( at this my heart broke, i mean i was afraid if i took this post as head, what if i neglect this post? then wouldn't i just be a dissapointment to anyone who has ever hope this for me? wouldn't i be a dissapointment to the teacher that i secretly adore so much because she was so amazing at this and she sees things and understands people and not quick to judge? If i didnt neglect this post there's a high possiblity that im going to neglect my studies which was already happening due to the hectic schedule as sports day were just around the corner.. argh i was frustrated and confuse but i did what i have to and this was the only decision that i ever made for the well being of myself and not for others.)

Tho, I regret saying no to this so much because after when we went into the koperasi, i saw the seniors looking a little dissapointed and when they announced the results of the new commitee members i saw everyone expression was in shocked. After the meeting all of my friends kept asking me what happened outside so i told them the whole story, reactions were different , some of them called me dumbass =_= XDXD i noe i noe :P XD some were supportive but dissapointed. One of them said something i would never forget which made me feel urrrggh she said no matter what the decision was you are still my ketua(head, captain...awwwwww XD thanks sweetie).

After sports day was over, that was when i actually really know god and came to learn more about him thanks to the twins. Now,i love him more than anything and i know that that will always remain, in 10,20,40 years time he still be my god.The 5th and last year of secondary life was pretty much the same as the 4th year only then i had to prepare myself for the public exam that was happening soon. Somethings happened this year but maybe i can talk about that the next time :P ahah i don't want to bore my readers :P

This is a very long post but it is also not a post for me to boast about me or anything it was just the summarized story of the secondary life i had and now i have to move on from it. Reluctant as it is, time flies so i shall learn to move on and just appreciate every little thing that life throws at me
Till next time xx

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play dress up

Im dressed in a dress that i never had a second look but now i think i look amazing in it eheh and curling my hair hoping it will turn out like this

got this idea off the style-magnet.

Ps. It's 10.53pm here and im not going out, im just playing dress up. I love dressing up with clothes that just comes to my mind with a snap of a finger but im still working on wearing them out, arrh maybe i'm just not confident enough in my fashion sense :P
Anyways this is my second blog post! I'm progressing arent i? :P tell me i am and i'll feed you a cookie!:P
Till next time xxx

Say hi to everyone!

Heey! my blog says hello to everyone =_= ok random .Well i've been thinking of starting a blog or NOT....well now everyone knows the answer. Im going to make this post my OFFICIAL first post so ciao for now ;) :D xx