Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

How did you spend your new year's eve? :D

Well I had a rather interesting new year's eve. I spent the day till the evening having sports with church members. I haven't done such vigorous sports in months!! But it was so good! After sports, I spent the whole night with my family for a dinner and dance party.

But right now, my whole body is aching and my leg muscles are all sore. Gaaah I can barely move -_-
After months of not doing sports and doing it all out of a sudden killed me -_- I injured my left foot a little from running during the day but I still manage to spend the rest of the night in 5 inch heels, dancing the night away. I could barely walk afterwards, feet is all sore and numb, leg muscles are sore and hurt like mad!! Even now my leg and body muscles are all sore -_- but oh well :D Was good New Years Eve!! :D Was great :D xd

Ps, what I wore for the dinner and dance party! :D

Till next time xxxxxxx