Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This will be a very long picture post? ehhee

HARROOOOOO. First of all i would like to say i know i know =_= i have been like gone, absent and vanish from this blog. GAH i feel so bad for neglecting it like this. Sixth form has been very crazy and hectic for me for the past 2-3 months. The moment sixth form started everything just went crazily busy and exhausting. Nowadays i am only home after 6pm :S and the studies are really heavy. SCHOOL IS DRAINING ME =_=. After about like 6 months of holiday and fooling around, i totally forgot how school was and still is. Even tho it has been 3 months now since i started sixth form, i am still not entirely used to the new schooling environment and schedule. I feel like my social life has suddenly drop to the level of non-existance.(only cause all of my darlings are studying out of state/country) HAHA okei that is slightly exaggerating. EHE. I DO have friends in sixth form. Everyone is like really friendly and lovely, and we're all like one big happy family haha.. Most of us only came to know each other in sixth form so it's like eventho we've only been friends for 3 months, we're all really close and that's an AMAZING thing, everyone helps everyone and everyone knows everyone :)



The other day i hang out with my bestie CarlosKhu:D. It is always fun to hang with him and Z. Owh! Z joined us later so yeaah here's some pictures of us :D Ps, the 3 of us are like the biggest posers so brace yourself!! X

We had to take like 7-8 shots to get this "normal" picture =_= xd

That's about it i guess ahah but just for the info,we took like 100 over pics on the first day and the second day within 2 hours(?) we took about 70 over pics =_=. One of the reason being is cause we always ruin good pictures by making silly and distorted faces =_=

It was a lovely time, i got to forget about the world for a moment EHEHh

Ps i miss reading you lovelies fashion blogs and fashion related articles :( it's like i am cut off from the awesomely every changing fashion world. GAAH :( HEHE

Till next time xxxx