Monday, December 19, 2011

Moving on to something new.

A while back, I felt lost and left alone. My friends were all leaving and going places with their lives, turning the pages of their book and going into new chapters. New adventures, new friends, new environment and all were continents away. While I am still studying in school, eventho I had a lot of friends in school but I still felt alone…all I could ever think of is I’m here, still here, studying for my finals that I’ve dreaded,while my close friends were away,far away. I was very down, stress from studies were mounting up, I had no one to turn to, life itself was stressful, I was so sick of feeling depressed and I was just not me at all.

After months of blocking out the outside world and made my life only revolve around my studies. My finals are over and here I am at the crossroad of a new chapter in my life… Never thought I said this but I am reluctant to turn the pages. I want to turn back the pages, turn back to when I was studying all day long with my friends, turn back to the time when we still had to wake up at 6am and put on our uniforms to school, the time where we took every free periods of lesson to talk, to play random game…. I am afraid of loosing all these memories and loosing all the friends that I made through the 1 and a half year of sixth form…

I thought that when my exams ended I would be ecstatic, but I guess not, it’s the opposite. Maybe a part of me is afraid of going into uni and grow older..maybe just maybe…. But right now, all I want to do is to thank the Lord for taking my close friends away from me and put in new friends into my life.(close friends are still my close friends but now I have more friends! :)) I thank the Lord for comforting me in times of my sadness and loneliness, I thank the Lord for helping me and guiding me in times of stressfulness. I thank Him for not forsaking me eventho there are times when I’ve done Him wrong. He is still here for me,and all I need to do is to be still and know that He is God.

I may be afraid of what lies ahead but I won’t stop going forward for I know I have the Lord on my side, and that is all the reassurance that I need. For the Lord did say “……. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” -Matthew 28:20

Thanks for still being here. xxx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My new clutch

I know I promise a picture of it, so here it is. ehhehe -_- (that took long enough *faints* XD)

Ps this is also the new nail colour that I bought. GAH! LOVE IT ehhe

Back to studying now. The amount of stress!! Ps, exam is in about 5 days. YAY ME!(not) :( xx

Till next time ! xxx

Monday, November 14, 2011

21 cupcakes!

Harro! Over the weekend I baked 21 cupcakes for a very special person who turned 21 today :D It was a simple cupcake with basic ingredients and basic frosting.

Here's the cupcake!

I am proud to say he love it! ehe

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Natasha Poly


Natasha Poly by Greg Kadel for Vogue Spain November 2011

Pics via fashiongonerogue

Monday, October 24, 2011

Frida Gustavsson

Frida Gustavsson in Elle Sweden November issue.

Loving the retro look of this shoot by Andreas Öhlund. Gorgeous clothes featured as well from the likes of Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs.

Frida looks great! Reminds me of the 30s. Oh so glamorous!

Ps,Thanks for still checking my quiet blog out! :D
Till next time xxx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clutch bag!

Bah! So, I just bought myself a clutch bag for a really good bargain. I haven't took a pic of it yet =_=. so meeeeh shall post it on here when I do along with my new haircut. The hair is Emma Watson's short hair inspired. XD stay tune?? ehhehe <3

Till next time xxx

Friday, October 7, 2011


MEEH. I've been very emo lately and I finally broke down today....happened while I was studying with 3 other friends at a cafe. Was doing macroeconomics and suddenly I just started crying. =_= My eyes are now swollen like a goldfish's eye and yeaah. I have about 45 days or so to go till my examination that will literally determine my future- aka if I am eligible to get into local uni or not. :S If I don't then the past 1 1/2years of studying in sixth form would have wasted my time, because I have to start over with everything in private college etc.....
GAAAAAAH. I freaking hate all of this atm. Glad I have such great friends to cheer me up just now. Life is super stressful at the moment. My eye bags are becoming more and more obvious. I look like a zombie most of the time now....

Off to bed. Eyes are barely open. Good night! Have a nice sleep/nice day

Till next time xxxx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just be honest with me.

I treat you like a good friend, but apparently you don't. I still can't get over the fact that you would lie to me straight in my face about something so important. To be honest, I already found out LOOONNGGGG BEFORE...I just wanted to hear it from you so I HAAD to ask, I expected you to just be plain honest with me but you didn't instead you lied and gave me such lame excuses that contradicts your actions. I can't bring myself to forgive you nor forget about what you've said and done, maybe not yet. I really hope you prove me wrong. How can you lie to me so easily when you're actions are a 180 degress different to what you said?? Do you actually think I am that stupid to not see whats going on around me? I am not 2 you know, I have eyes, ears of my own. People talk, I am able to see..... You've changed so much, at least not like the person I knew for the past 3 years.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from holiday

Well I am not sure if anyone is still reading my blog since it's super quiet and all now but just like to update a little on my tiny break off from everything and just relax on an island. :D eheh
Was lovely to just spend time with my love ones , the island was great but it was the time spent with love ones that made it amazing :D gaaah. I want to be back there, where the gorgeous beaches are easy to access and the chill out, relaxed lifestyle of the locals are so addictive. XD

Back to exam mode. I have my trials coming up next week, to think I still had the guts to take time off to go off to an Island. =_= XD

Ps, the emo face! HAHAH. I actually kept thinking of studying while I was there, I even brought 2 past year question books to the island, but did not study or look at it for one bit. HAHAHA FAAAIL? XD

Till next time xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hey guys

Hey! So in about an hour time it will be 99 days till I sit for my major public exam so would like to just say from today on, I will not be blogging(UNLESS, I have a sudden urge to blog etc) ehhehe.
I will be away till my exams end which is in December, hopefully by then you lovely people will still remember me :( hehe

I will be doing a little countdown and random light updates on my tumblr and MAYBE on my blog but would most probably be slightly more active on tumblr.....
Here's MY tumblr. XD

I am here to bid farewell (for now) EHHE.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harrro..Exam week.

I don't feel very good today, after a tiring day of nonstop exams. Yes NONSTOP =_=
8-10am General studies.
10.50am-12.20pm Financial Accountings
12.40pm-2.40pm Business Studies.
I kinda feel horrible at the moment. Worst thing is tho, I am coming down with a flu and I still have Management Accountings and Macroeconomics exam...But I know, tomorrow will be a new day and everything will be different :) I hope!

What annoys me is that WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, I mean like why can't I get something at the first time when everybody else does, why do others only need like 1-2 exercises to understand the whole thing while MEEEEE.. gaah I have to do like amounts of exercises to understand a work. I hate this feeling that I've been feeling lately, it's like whatever I study never goes through and it makes me feel dumb....why am I feeling like this lately? *sighs*
I have been in a very moody mood lately, I get angry too easily and whenever I see or hear something that does not go to my liking or in a way insults me I would immediately confront the person/thing. I used to just be patient with people who insults me or say some stuff that I don't like but lately, NOOO,I just go around confront them. =_= (A little exaggerating but yeaah XD :P Don't worry I am still nice :P HAHAH) I know this is bad, it's very bad! I am glad I have not pissed off any of my close friends in school or else I would be friendless and all alone when I graduate. hehe =_=

Forget all that, I want this shoe. XD
Picture from Kurt Geiger website

It's amazing how a simple shoe can change my mood eh :P HAHAHAHAHAHAH
I shall get back when my exam ends. Thanks and a million thanks for still reading my really quiet blog. HEHE.

Been listening to alot of Amanda Seyfried's Little House.I mean ALOT =_= xd

Till next time xx

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Needs a clutch bag

I am in desperate need of a clutch bag! Here are some ideas of what I would love to have !!! *loves*

I actually adore these following 2 clutch bags the most. GAAH!

Pictures are via tumblr. I do not own any of these images.
If you wish to remove or to be credited for this image(s) please let me know. :)

Ps, had my haircut yesterday. ehhehe Love it, imagine Emily Browning's short hair ;) ehehehhe. Shall have pictures soon!
Till next time xxxx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jonathan Saunders SS 2011 RTW

Jonathan Saunders SS 2011 RTW. Need I say more?

Am in love.

Pictures via Nymag

Till next time xxx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is here!

Well, it's officially summer for everyone now(except for those who are in the southern part of the world :( )

I can say that I am A LITTLE excited about this but well I live in a country where it's summer all year round, ehhehe so yaah I need to be low profile about the excitement.
What I am excited about is that now all shops display their summer collection and the whole mood is summery EHEH.
+ Soon, everywhere will be jammed pack with loads of tourist, I know this is weird but I love looking at how tourists dress and guess which countries they would most probably come from. Just for the fun of it :) eheh

I am grateful to be here, with summer all year round etc but sometimes I do wish we had more festival going on during this time :D. Music festival, art festival etc.

Did you know, we actually DO HAVE 4 seasons in this country. The four seasons are :-
Very hot
Super hot and.......
Extremely hot. AHAHHA. My pastor said that during a sermon. EHEHHE :D

Wish I could put all this on for my vacation soon. EHHEHE

Can't help but love the graphic Aztec like prints from Mara Hoffman Spring 2011 RTW and Menswear. I know this year's summer is all about big bright bold colours but I am just drawn to these darker shades, the olive green and cobalt blue are just as lovely as anything and just a standout.

GAAAH! All these talk about summer, the sun the beach, bikinis and beer is cheering me up :D. Yes, I've been feeling very very very very x100000 emo and down lately, don't ask why, I don't know either, studies pressure? Maybe. Don't know. Am just glad that this post cheered me up :) hehe.

Pictures via Nymag

Ps Till next time xxx
PPs, Jaanipäev! :D ehhe

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I need colours in my life. XD

I need some colours in my life at the moment :( ehehh

Colours like from the runway of YSL Resort 2011

Jil Sander SS RTW 2011

Ps, loving the Fuchsia coloured lipstick on the models <3

Yeaaaap, I need these to brighten my emo days XD

Hai!The last day of my 2 week break is today *emos* XD
Actually I didn't really had rest in the break, I was even more stressed out compared to when I am in school. I kept reminding myself to practice my violin and kept reminding myself to study, I have only 162 days or 5 months, 9 days or 13,996,800 seconds or 233,280 minutes or 3888 hours or about 23 weeks to go. OWHHH noooooooo......... That's so soon :/
Gaaah, yeaah I should go study now...

Pictures via
Till next time :) ehhe xxxxx