Thursday, February 25, 2010


I wish i was on an island or an isolated beach right now. I just need to be away from everything just for a moment alone anyway. x

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All that glitter!

First of all i like to say i totally adore this picture of Kelly Osbourne that i've stumbled upon

Kelly Osbourne attened New York Fashion Week at the Nanette Lepore show in a chartreuse and black polka dot cocktail dress and a sequined bow-adorned headband
I totally dig this outfit. She looks amazing in them.

Okei anyways, this post is about how gorgeous Elie Saab's dresses are. I love love love Elie Saab's Spring 2010 Couture collection. Feast your eyes on these glittered,bejewelled,long flowy, shades of nude n pastel dresses. GAAAH! <3

Hope u enjoyed the dresses as much as i did =_= XD cause I know I'm in love <3 XD
Pictures are taken from

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tropical Love

The last time i went to a tropical beach and actualy spent time there was a few years back. Then i was in Borneo Sabah. We(family) spent about a week there. One of the days was spent on an island called Manukan Island. It was truely beautiful! The whole place was very scenic and amazing. We had to take a ferry from the mainland to the island. I can still remember the salty sea breeze and the beautiful crystal blue sea. I miss it!! :( XD

These pictures are taken by my sister.Credits to her.
See how beautiful the island is!!!

Since young, i have always loved watching the waves by the beach, feel the sand in my feet, taste the salty waters :P XD. I have always just love sitting on the warm sand and enjoy the sea breeze. The only thing i hate is that in the process of enjoying myself i get tan waaaay too easily!! :( XD But still i love them. So when i was on the way to/in Manukan Island it was truely a feast for my eyes!! The scroching sun did not stopped me from embracing the beautiful turqoise coloured sea. Taking in everything as our ferry reach the island. When we arrived, the whole island was just so beauitful i was truely taken away ;). The fishes were very beautiful too but..(as embarrasing as this is,im afaird of them XD)BUT i still manage to go snorkeling ;) XD

When i look at beautiful sea view i go GAGA(even wif pictures of islands! SHUSH! :P XD) I'll literally be stunned. One thing i love most about beaches/sea is the sound of the waves crashing, the sea breeze on my face and the colour of the beautiful waters.
So, that's how i came to love the colour turquoise. I especially like looking at clothes,accessories anything that are in the shade of turquoise. Just take these pictures as examples.The beads just look amazing!

The sneakers,heels and dresses. They just look so lovely! <3 I'm in love once again! :D XD


Ps, this post reminds me i want the beaacccchhh!!!!!! GAAH the weather here has been amazingly hot, waaay too hot for me to enjoy the beach :( :'( Sunblock don't work either pfft!
Pps, In <3 eheh

PPPS, thanks for all your concern for my previous post. Don't worry I'm fine :D!

Till next time xx

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I was so emo yesterday, i went to bed early. The plan was to cry myself to sleep =_=. After reading the bible and all I started praying. I was crying out to god about everything and how alone i felt. As i was about to fall asleep, my sister came in my room and..

sis : jie(big sister) you sleeping?
me : uh no.. why??
sis : (who and who) are downstairs,they want to play cheat. You want to join?
me : okei hold on....

XD random wasn't it? but that was what happened! So we played cards(cheat the game) till about 1am+ and they went home. I went back into my room and this time i cried myself to sleep.. well because i wasn't finish talking to god yet i wasn't finish emo-ing to Him yet and i got interupted :P XDXD

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Friday, February 19, 2010

I still..

I still think about you all the time. I still think about taking back what i've said, what happened that night,but yeah i know it's in the past and it's OVER. I should WAKE UP.

I wish i could tell you i miss you and i want you back, but i can't because i can't do that to you..and everything's said and done..

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello! i feel so bad that i've been neglecting my blog:( so i'll just do a quick update :)
Just got back from CNY house visits. I wore a long sleeve polka dot top(sleeves were folded)paired with my topshop jeans and the ankle booties(from previous posts)
I'm proud to say i LOOK TALL XD. I admit that im not very tall but the outfit today made me look taller ;) AHAH

Hectic CNY but very awesome! I have to go now, have another CNY open house dinner to attend to! If i'm back early then i'll post up pictures of the dress i'll be wearing tonite. If not tomorrow then ;) eheh

PS, I'm feeling very hyper today!! :D

Till next time xxx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3rd Day of CNY!

Went to kat's place for lunch and stayed till late noon. Got home took a nap and went to Hosanna's 21st birthday!
Today, i'll let the pictures do the talking LOL. too tired to type ehhe

Kat's place

Hosanna's birthday

What i wore for both the ocassions.

The floral dress from some previous post. I wanted to put on the green cardigan i mentioned BUT the weather was too hot.

Ok, there's no picture of the dress i wore to Hosanna's bday because i forgot to take pictures of me :$ eheh but i guess the group photo can give you guys a little clue of what i wore eheh! PS, i look pregnant in that dress.. GRRrrr XD

it's 2.30am now so im off, tired another long day tomorrow ;)

Till next time xxxx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm sorry that i haven't been updating my blog but i've been busy. I finally have a little time to update this. To make up for my absence, i thought i post some pictures of what i wore on the first day of CNY and the second day. I will update with my other looks on upcoming days so stay tune hehe!

On the first day of CNY i wore this turquoise custom made cheongsam. It's a bareback cheongsam but you can't see it on here :/(sorry). I think it's a tad too short but here it is anyway.hehe Tell me what you think about it :D

XD me doing some random pose =_= heeee

What i wore for the 2nd day of CNY(today)I wore a simple polka-dot dress

and I tied a black ribbon(not dat visible here..)

paired it with this shoes

and with a vintage-looking bag

and some bangles XD. I can't go a day without wearing any bangles ehhe!

That's it for today :) Enjoy

Till next time xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And again

I was going through my mum's closet(SSHHH don't tell her, it'll be our little secret!) and i found this high-waisted black skirt that she never wore :S Hmmmm maybe i just don't remember her wearing it? Anyways haha my itchy hands got hold of them n.....


This top was bought for ONLY RM 5!!!! =_= I seriously have NO idea why I bought it, I just liked the colour and the material... It's resting soundly in my closet. Very nice =_= .Anyways the length is a bit too short for me so.. put on a skirt over it? ;)XDXD

This top is a few sizes too big for me but i folded the sleeves ;) . When i wear this out i would use it with jeans and this belt so that it dosen't look huge on me :D

This top is actually a dress. I love this dress! Ps, this was my FIRST ever dress that i bought during my teens( WAAAIIIT I'm still a teen :P ahha!)
So today when I saw this dress, first thought that came to mind was.. hmmm will this look good with this skirt..ehhe

U can't see this in the picture so here's the shoes i wore! It's a leather ankle-bootie :D

Ps,I know i know, these are all very normal everyday clothing and nothing new to go gaga about the style BUT owh well! ahha *im not making sense right now :S XD*

Till next time xxx

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1am Interview

My bestie and i were really bored so we did this random interview thing =_=
ENJOY our randomness =_= ehhe!! Bestie choosed to remain anonymous and well will be :D

Some personal/deep thought questions
Me : Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful?
: Water, Earth, Light
Me : Tell me about something you would happily do again?
: Go travel alone and meet my friends :D
Me : What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
: face
Me : What scares you the most and why?
: Being alone. Cause I dont like the feeling of not being loved
Me : Who was the last person you hugged?
: I hug alot of ppl lol especially my friends *Zaz
Me : What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
: Letting go those you love
Me : Do you have any regrets in life, what is it?
: Nope
Me : What is more difficult for you; looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when they are telling you how they feel?
: me looking into that someone's eyes and telling how i feel :D
Me : You can have one of the following two things: trust/love.
: how can u trust if u dont love

Me : Which do you like better - Coke or Pepsi?
: Pepsi
Me : Which would u choose friends or significant other
: significant other
Me : Who do u like better, me or me? :P XD
: Me lol
Me : Would you jump in front of the bullet for me? Yes or No? (ahahaha!!)
: Yes
Me : Roti Canai or Roti Tisu?
: Roti Canai

Me : What is on your bedside table?
: I dont hv a bedside table
Me : Name 3 things u can never live without
: Love, Trust, Passion :)
Me : Name 5 things that are reachable to you right now
: handphone, mentos gum, HOMME VOGUE international edition, Undang Latihan book(road rules exercise book),thumbdrive
Me : What is on your mind right now?
: fking ulcer hurts :D
Me : What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?
: just now when i was kacauing(disturbing/teasing/bullying :P) u(me =_=) on msn
Me : Did you get anough sleep last night?
: No
Me : What is your favorite icecream flavor?
: Chocolate :)
Me : Do you prefer hugs or kisses?
: Hugs :)
Me : If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
: True love :)
Me : Describe three things you like about yourself.
: I like the fact that im very understanding, I like how open minded i am, I like myself for making such good friends :D
Me : How do you think you will know who you're going to marry?
: you will just know :)
Me : What was the funniest cooking experience you ever had?
: dont know lol XD nothing funny when i cook so far
Me : If u are given the chance to tell the person u like u like them would you?
: Yes :)
Me : if u were given the chance to ask me all these questions back would you?
: haha yes why not :P

Okei that's it then i didn't know what else to ask so :D ahha hope you guys enjoyed it ;)

Till next time xx

Monday, February 8, 2010

I fell in love today

I was up early today. Took a trip up to KL with my dad (i was his PA for a day =_= okei not really all i did was sat in the car while dad did all the work ahaha!! but pfft i like to call myself that :P)

We went to ikea for lunch. Dad had the poached salmon and i had the swedish meatballs :) After lunch we did a little shopping and walked over to ikano power centre.
It was in Ikano that i fell in love. It was like love at first sight. I couldn't stop staring. I touched it and played with it and i immediatly know this is the one.
I fell in love with this amazingly italian designed hand-made one piece violin. It was gorgeous. Everything about it was <3. I tried a few other hand-made violins but all felt the same to me :S . HECK!! i even tried this RM 12,000 violin and i didn't like it. I mean the sound was amazing, the sound was loud and it was seasoned but i just didn't liked it as much as i love my NOW new violin. YEAP YEAP YEAP!! It's sitting soundly in my living room :D MY BABAY!! ehhe. I'm thinking of naming it, afterall it'll be with me for a very long time :D! ehhe

MY babay looks really amazing, the pegs have some designs on it and it's not the normal looking all black pegs. The bridge is made out of quality wood(at least that's what the shop assistant said XD) the tailpiece have the same design as the pegs too. So it's unique in it's own way. MY BABAY ahhahaha!! i'll think of a name for it ;) ehhe.

Thanks to my daddy dearest for the violin!!! <3 <3 <3
I love my babay!

Till next time xx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dedicated to Chris

DUDE!! I'm sorry i didn't make it on saturday, none of them could make it:/ so...

It was really nice of you to have invited us, and really NOT nice of us to not have gone :P ehhehe. But again thanks for the invite! :D. But obviously we know you had fun LIKE WAAAY LOADS FUN?? :D

Anyways since i didn't go and i didn't get you anything for your "farewell", im dedicating this post to YOU!(feel special, don't forget to get me loads and LOADS of souveniers, owh! and i want a real life baby kangaroo :P ahah)



Ok, so this post is about Chris...hmmm well..
The first time i met him was when we were in KL, accepting the UNESCO award for our state and what not bla bla bla =_=.
He was very quiet at first :S and didn't mix with us(some random other 8 ppl XDXD :P). Well couldn't blame him, he came a day later and didn't had the chance to get to know us beforehand. Nevertheless, he mixed with the boys and soon he was in our "gang"(the crazy baba nyonya gang :P ahah)
During that trip we had awesome fun!(OR maybe just me??aahha). The last night was the most memorable because we didn't sleep the whole night. We stayed up playing cards and what not, and we had breakfast at 7am without eating instead we laughed our way through breakfast.=_=
PS! he's the reason i know how to play cheat/bullshit(some of you might call it)
He taught us(the gang) bullshit cause he's full of crap =_= okei no IM KIDDING!!! hehhe
PPS, i still want my kangaroo okeei (A) :P ehhe

First impression on him was : HE looks like Jay Chou!!!(Taiwanese singer/actor)
SEEEEE ahha! Spot the differents??

Jay Chou


But of course Jay Chou is obviously much MUCH MUCH MUCH more better looking :P ahahahh!!!(opps,maybe i shouldn't have said that..hmm what if his gf came and slap me? XDXD :P)

Yeah so anyways the Jay Chou look-alike is leaving for Australia really soon! He's a future english teacher(OMG chris!! your students sure die want :P ahha KIDDING ehhe)
But i would love for you to be my english teacher, not that i hate or dislike my previous teachers but OMG can you imagine having a Jay Chou look-alike being YOUR english teacher?(okei maybe NOT :P hehe) +He can sing!! Don't believe me?? Well he got into the first round(or something i dunx correct me if im wrong!!!) of 1 in a million(some show on singing similar to American Idol but the Malaysian version)But due to some complications and what not he didn't continue (or else i bet there be loads of people out there voting for you! :D)
SO this proves that the Jay Chou look-alike can sing like Jay Chou too!! eheh :P

Ok, so anyways, Mr Chris Lim here is actually a really nice guy, real friendly and VERY CRAZY/RANDOM and super cool ;)(eventho only spent like 1-2 days with him and the gang! ehhe) It was awesome to have met and know him! :D ehe!!

Check out his blog to know more about him ;)
[dude! im like promoting you or something, 5% of your salaray okei ;)]

Link to his blog -->

Pictures of Chris are taken from Chris's facebook/blog

Me and the crazy Jay Chou look-alike Chris ;)

HAVE AWESOME FUN in Sydney and blog about it! Can't wait to hear all about it :D
+add those photos u promised :P (inside joke =_=)

PS, have a safe flight there and take care :D

Till next time xxx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wanna fly!

Yaaayy!! the emo ,depressed,phase is gone :D
Well hopefully it'll be gone for goood :D:D

Past weeks were a pain to past,but time still flew amazingly fast. A month has gone and nothing we do can take it back. What happened has happened, what did not, didn't happened. The month of january or should i say the first weeks of the year 2010 was like a roller coaster ride for me. But i came out of the ride now,much stronger and less vulnerable(i hope ;) XD). I've also learned to just have faith and patience. I worry too much,i'm learning to let go of things. Now i'm just taking one day at a time.
I feel much happier and less emo than i've been for the past few weeks :D!!

XD me jumping (credits to James Gui for this picture)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today, I did a little last minute CNY shopping(ask me tomorrow or next week and i'll still tell you i'm doing last minute CNY shopping =_= XD) [ps,CNY is shortformed for Chinese New Year]so anyways went up KL with E and C.
Went to TS in the morning and AMAZINGLY i saw my ex-classmates doing some shopping there too. What are the odds eh? XD
At about 2+ we got bored so we decided to go to Mid-V. We spent the whole late noon there and met up with R and D.
Did some shopping there etc and by late evening we took our bus back home.
At the end of the day i only bought
-a jeans from Topshop
-a pair of sneakers from Vision Street Wear
-a book(yaaaaay!! =_= XD)

That's all ;) XD and yes i still have tons of clothes that i haven't worn but heeey i didn't get clothes today so :P XD

That's it for today.

Till next time xxx

Monday, February 1, 2010

Act of Boredom??

I was feeling kinda bored at home so i decided to post some pictures of me dressing up XD so anyways yeah

A simple floral dress like this

can be paired with a plain green cardigan(it so goes with my peacock hair :P XDXD)


with a simple woven-like brown belt


put on a plain black top over it add a clincher and it look like a 2 piece dress ;)

put on the dress on it owns. It still looks good + one can play around with the straps. It can be a tube dress or a halter strap dress etc etc. :D

Till next time xxx