Monday, September 13, 2010

Jason Wu SS 2011 RTW

I know blogging about SS2011 right now is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early but i just can't help falling in love with Jason Wu SS 2011 RTW. The collection i just stunning <3 I love the colours he used in them and the gorgeous chiffon blouses and skirts with floral prints. All are too gorgeous it MAY be a LITTLE cliché, floral=spring+summer but when it's designs and pieces like these. Cliché is so not in the vocabulary =_= HAHA.. i am not making sense aren't i?? Forget about that and just feast your eyes on these!

Love the shoes =_= ehhe

This high-waisted tailored pants is just amazing!
Love the sophisticated but casual look. <3

Love the contrast of the royal blue turban with the nude dress and the floral designs on the dress itself.


Conclusion,i just love Jason Wu's whole collection and i want them all!! EHEHHE. I love them so much i can't wait to rave about it =_= AHHA i am serious :D

Till next time xxxx

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back from a conference

HARROOO. XD I was away for about 4 days this week because i was at a conference.It was an amazingly amazing conference. Did i say it was amazing?? EHHE. Well it was a youth conference thing so loads of youths =_=. It was a very relax conference(??) haha so everyone wore jeans and t-shirt.
The schedule was like this:-
Breakfast, conference,lunch,conference, 2 hour break, dinner, conference, bedtime (XDXD)

Anyway, during the conference i was thinking like maybe i could take pics of what i wore and put it on my blog =_= HAHA(since i haven't been blogging *shys away*).
Day 1
Well we registered at about 2pm+ so i sorta missed out on the first day :P So i shall start on the second day? ehhe.

Day 2

I wore a man's razor back shirt on the inside(it didn't felt warm cause the shirt was very thin :D) The grey shirt is 2009 conference's shirt XD. I tied the at the side and folded the sleeves a little and wala! XDXD(the pic was taken at about 8am+ in the morning.. breakfast was at 9am hence the SLEEPY FACE) HAHAH

Day 3

Same thing just without a shirt on the inisde EHHE. This shirt was 2 years back conference's edition which i only just bought not too long ago =_= HAHAH.
PS UUH we slept at about 1am+ the night before and i had a very restless night..i kept waking up =_=. Breakfast was at the same time too and the pic was taken about 8am++ so like yeaaah HAHAH sleepy face again. GAH i can't believe i am posting my sleepy face up :( HAHAHA. Hope you guys don't mind EHHE.
The 1st pic i looked weird cause so many others were staring and go like what is she doing =_= HAHAHAHAHA

Day 4?
well this outfit was supposed to be on day 4 cause we're only suppose to wear this year's conference shirt on the last day for a BIG GROUP PHOTO but plans changed so instead we had our group photo in the afternoon so we changed during lunch. But i had this plan for day 4 so :P AHAHAH DAY 4 =_=

I wore a purple tank top inside( this was kinda warm) Same thing i folded the sleeves and tied at the side but i tied it lower so that there's only a hint of purple :). 2nd pic was like a random shot my friend told me to give a vain face shot =_= HAHAHAH. BUT i have no idea what face shot is this. MAYBE shyness because there was like other youths staring from in front(the place where my eyes were looking) HAHAH i was SHY :P ehehehe

I wore my converse and topshop skinny in the oufits =_=.

SO... i guess that's about it. The outfits i wore at the conference. ehhe. I hope you like it? HEHE and hope this could make up for the lack of posts HEHE.

Till next time xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Banner in Conjunction with Independence day

The other day our school had each lower sixth form class design a banner in conjunction to our country's independence day. As the monitor of my class, i took charge =_=(haha?)

We were given :-
- a 2.5 meter long white cloth
- Pelaka Mural Colour (Our class only used 5,blue,yellow,black & white)
- 5 large brushes
- 5 medium sized brushes
- 5 more tiny brushes(these was actually my own)

We only had a week to design and paint the banner. Theme was Satu Malaysia Menjana Transformasi(One Malaysia Generates Transformation). At first it was a grueling process because there wasn't much cooperation(???) BUT at the end of it, it was okei :D Everyone did amazing <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Class Photo(some were absent but yeah)

Happy 53rd Independence Day Malaysia <3

Till next time xx